“A Big Thirst”  36 X 24
Kelowna Galleries  SFCA Award Art Visions 2010
People’s Choice Award Art Visions 2010

“Moonlight Swim” 8X10

Award of Excellence, “Small, Smaller, Smallest” Show FCA Gallery, Vancouver, BC


 “Wilton’s Watch” 8X10

“Interrupted”  11X14

“Kaiser” 8X10

“Mournful”  8X10

“Dozer” 8X10

“Sun Drenched” 8X10

“The Warning” 16X20

                                                           “Big Horn” 8X10

                                                    “Zebra” 8X10

Allan Wylie, SFCA Award 2004
TheArtist Magazine 21st Annual Art Competition Finalist

The Human Touch  16X20

“Elephant”  18X24

“Garden Party” 16X20

“A Dark Horse” 8X10

“Life on the Rocks” 11X14

“Wolf Pup Trio 8X10

“Racoon” 8X10